Synesis Stratus
Information security

Synesis Stratus provides a range of cybersecurity and data protection services
Synesis Stratus LLC is a resident of the High Technology Park of the Republic of Belarus.

Provision of services in the field of information protection and information security:
  • design, creation and certification of information security systems;
  • design, creation of information security systems in compliance with the GDPR;
  • comprehensive penetration testing (pentests) of information systems and applications;
  • certification of information security systems.

dBrain - Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A company is a provider of cloud computing platform services based on container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker) for information systems with high requirements for fault tolerance, information protection and information security -

Professional DevOps services (DevOps, NetOps, SecOps) for the customer infrastructure implementation and technical support of the system of any complexity and scale;

Complex IT services for major events of the republican and international level.
Our services
Design, creation and certification of information security systems "on a turn-key basis" in accordance with the requirements of OAC Order No. 62 including:
- audit performance;
- documents development;
- information security system testing;
- verification certificate issuance.
- certification of information security tools;
- evaluation of Security Targets, Protection profiles and Information Technology Products for EAL-1 - EAL-4.
Implementation of all necessary measures under GDPR requirements including:
- audit performance;
- implementation of GDPR processes into information security system documentation and information security policies;
- training of Customer's employees in personal data processing under GDPR.
- carrying out complex testing of web-applications, mobile applications and internal corporate perimeter for the vulnerabilities that could create information security incidents (penetration, breach, denial of service, etc.);
- development of recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities.
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