Synesis Stratus conducts cybersecurity audits on the compliance of the company or the project with several information security and data protection standards: GDPR, SWIFT, Federal Law No. 152 "On Personal Data", the Order of the Operations and Analysis Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 62 "On some issues of technical and cryptographic protection of information ", etc.

A cybersecurity audit is an independent assessment of the state of an information security system for the level of its compliance with necessary standards, as well as providing audit results in the form of recommendations to the Customer.

Problems solved:
  • getting an objective status of the state of systems and business processes of a company as it relates to the compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • getting the recommendations on further development of the information security system;
  • project planning for standards and certifications implementation;
  • increasing the trust of partners and customers;
  • compliance with regulatory requirements for obligatory audits.

    Service stages
    Audit object
    Choosing an audit object (company/project)
    Audit area and scope
    Choosing the area and the scope for the audit (GDPR, SWIFT, PCI DSS, FL-152, OAC Order No. 62, etc.);
    Conducting the audit by Synesis Stratus experts team
    Getting the report on the results of the audit with recommendations for the Customer