According to the requirements of belorussian legislation, it is allowed to use only certified information security tools when building information security systems of information systems.

Synesis Stratus has an accredited testing laboratory (BY / 112 2.5169 of 12/13/2019).

The testing laboratory evaluates:
  • Security Targets;
  • Protection profiles;
  • Information Technology Products for EAL-1 - EAL-4.

The testing laboratory carries out tests and certifications of the following information security tools:
  • anti-virus Software;
  • routers, including switches with routing function;
  • content Management Systems;
  • firewalls, including Web Application Firewalls (WAF);
  • SIEM;
  • IDS;
  • DLP.
Service stages
Sampling for testing or evaluation
Development of methods for testing or evaluation
Testing / Evaluation
Getting the sample tested or evaluated
Verification of testing or evaluations results by the regulating authorities.
Issuance of final documents confirming compliance

  • STB 34.101.1-2014 «Information technologies and security. Evaluation criteria for IT security»;
  • STB 34.101.2-2014 «Information technology and security. Evaluation criteria for IT security. Part 2. Security functional components»;
  • STB 34.101.3-2014 «Information technology and security. Evaluation criteria for IT security. Part 3. Security assurance components»;
  • STB 34.101.8-2006 «Information technology. Security techniques. Software for protection against affecting malicious programs and anti-virus programs. General requirements»;
  • STB 34.101.14-2017 «Information technology. Security techniques. Software router. General requirements»;
  • STB 34.101.37-2017 «Information technology and security. Security techniques. Management system site. General requirements»;
  • STB 34.101.73-2017 «Information technology. Security techniques. Firewalls. General requirements»;
  • STB 34.101.74-2017 «Information technology. Systems of collecting and data processing of events of information security. General requirements»;
  • STB 34.101.75-2017 «Information technology. Detection and intrusion prevention systems. General requirements»;
  • STB 34.101.76-2017 «Information technology. Security techniques. Systems to detect and prevent leaks from information systems. General requirements».